Monday, October 3, 2011

My Prima Ballerina!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my daughter Chloe enjoying her ballet/tap combo class. She is the cutest little ballerina, if i do say so myself ;)

Chloe started to show a huge interest in ballet right before she turned 2. It was disappointing for Sal & I when we found out all the studios by our house only accepted children ages 3 and up. Like Really? How are we going to make our two year old wait a WHOLE year to start ballet?!? Something she loves so much and even at two years old, would ask us ALL the time "can i go to my ballet class today?". It was heartbreaking. Of course we improvised and practiced ballet at home, but still it wasn't the same.

I'm now so thrilled to say Chloe is in ballet and she LOVES her class, the teacher, and other students! YAY!

Her ballet school is the best! Teachers from her school graduated from Julliard and the Academy of Colorado Ballet School, and the Director of this school studied ballet in Tokyo! Yes, her school is THAT awesome! Here is the link to to their website:

She has class once a week for an hour. first 40min are ballet, the last 20min are tap. She loves tap, too! At the end of the "School" year, which is in June, there will be a huge Recital which is at the William Saroyan Theater. It's going to be AWESOME!

Practicing at home, before her class.

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