Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brooklynn eats FOOD now

For the past few weeks Brookie has been eating baby food. She only gets organic/homemade food.

For those of you wondering... we delayed solids until 7 months, for the following reasons:
1. Baby's intestines need to mature
2. Young babies have a tongue-thrust reflex
3. Baby's swallowing mechanism is immature
4. Baby needs to be able to sit up
5. Young infants are not equipped to chew

You can find out a lot more information on the benefits of delaying solids here:
&& here

Anyway, she looves it! She has eaten quite a few different types of food like Avocado, Peas, & Banana!

Here are some pictures of my girl :) 

Aww big sissy was feeding her

She was studying the food on her fingers haa

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