Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today was a rainbow kind of day

Chloe's playdough is all messed up from all the colors running together, soooo i decided to make her homemade playdough again. This time i made some rainbow pastel colors.

she was about 18months here. We would always make breakfast food with it :)

What you need:
-1 1/3 cup flower
-1/3 cup salt
-3 teaspoons oil
- 3/4 cup hot water
-food coloring

Mix dry ingredients first. Then add water, oil and food coloring.
Then kneed dough for 5-10 minutes. Dough might be slightly sticky, just add flour as needed to firm.
This recipe is only per color. So if you want 5 colors, you will need to complete this process 5 times. I learned the hard way not to try to make dough all at once, then separate and kneed in food coloring. It takes a lot longer to try to kneed it all in evenly.
Keep fresh in container and store in refrigerator.

Brooklynn even got to play :)

&& after we made playdough, i was inspired to make something else colorful!
Rainbow cupcakes!!

This took time & a lot of patience! lol

They were SO yummy!

I used slightly different ingredients then the recipe i originally had, to make it healthier. & let me tell you, they were SO good i ended up not using any frosting at all.  
*I will update later with my recipe

Thanks for looking :)

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