Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Giving Tree

So We decided to do a craft based off a book. The Giving Tree is definitely a favorite in our house. First we read the book then Chloe got to make her tree! Super easy craft and my daughter loves to paste so this was perfect!
What you need:
-crayons/color pencils/markers
-green & red construction paper

First, with markers, i drew out the outline of the tree stump with brown, then the tree leaves with green. then Chloe and i ripped up all the green construction paper, and the red, which are the apples. Then Chloe colored in the tree stump, and after that put glue all over the tree area and started adding her green construction paper. Finally, she added the apples.

See, very simple!

She loves her giving tree :)

&& after we were done, she insisted on doing a ballet craft. Well, i needed to start cooking dinner asap so we did something quick. She wanted to trace, color match, and practice spelling her name.

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